Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Walgreens Steps Up Focus on Check-ins

Walgreens is experimenting with a slew of mobile ad initiatives based around check-ins. The goal of these campaigns is a simple one: get customers into the stores via their mobile devices.

Walgreens tapped location-based service LocalResponse for the project, according to Mobile Commerce Daily. The technology lets Walgreens search for customers via such check-in services as Facebook Places, foursquare and Yelp, the publication explains.

When the service recognizes a user is at a certain location, it sends out a store-specific deal to the consumer via Twitter. It current promotion is for Halls cough drops, Mobile Commerce Daily says.

The Attraction of In-Store

Walgreens’ tactic to target in-store shoppers is supported by a study that showsmost consumers still shop in-store despite their love affair with the mobile device.  22% of mobile consumers prefer to shop in a physical store than online, while a further 63% do not have a preference, and only 15% prefer shopping online.

Location Counts

Modes of purchase, however, do shift as consumers draw further away from a location: asked the likeliest method of purchase when buying a $50 item from a regularly-visited store, 18% of respondents said they would use a mobile device (9%) or laptop (9%). However, once 10 miles from the store, consumers said they were more likely to use a connected device than shop in-store, and once 20 miles away, almost 3 in 4 mobile consumers would either use their mobile device (14%) or laptop (58%).