Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3 Models That Are Devouring Print DRM

Valentine’s Day is basically the official holiday of direct response marketing (DRM). Think about it: You send a card and hope for a response.

It’s also one of the only days on the calendar where print still performs relatively well — if you’re lucky.

For the other 364 days in the year, print marketing campaigns are incredibly untargeted… it’s a shotgun splatter approach. It’s a spam-plosion with no filter.

At a time when it’s literally never been easier to target prospects with laser accuracy — direct mail just seems ridiculous.

In fact, there are businesses springing up with the sole purpose of crushing direct mail marketing.

3. A start-up called LocalResponse has come up with an even BETTER model to replace the old marketing circular. These guys use a variety of social platforms to bribe users to check-in at a particular store (on Facebook or Foursquare) — and receive a digital coupon via Twitter.

This way, the store gets value — the user basically has to recommend the store to their network — and the user gets a coupon that lives in their smartphone, that they take everywhere, NOT their mailbox.